Harp Kits

Cambria Lever Harp Kits are well designed, with extensive instruction manuals (the Stage 1-3 manuals total 54 pages!). You end up with an instrument you can be proud of. Since people vary in their level of skill, so do the Cambria Kits. They come in three different levels (well…four, if you count the “plan only”). Note that you can buy the manuals separately so you can see which stage is best suited to your skill level.

Here is a description of the various formats available, and their pricing:

Plan only: this is a full size blueprint of the harp, with basic information. Included are string charts, helpful hints, materials lists, and data on computer parameters used in the design. Detailed instructions are not given, and previous instrument building experience is assumed. Harp plans are not returnable.  Plans for the Cambria harps are $45 each, plus shipping/insurance.
Manuals:  these are instruction manuals for building each Stage kit.  Please specify which Cambria model and what stage manual you are ordering.   Harp manuals are not returnable.  Cambria 34 and 29 Stage 1, 2, and 3 manuals are $20 each.  Cambria 22 nylon and wire Stage 1, 2, and 3 are $15. each.  Plus shipping/insurance.  When you order a kit the price of the manual will be taken off the price of the kit.
Stage 1 kit: this is the plan, all necessary hardware & strings, and complete instruction manuals. You furnish the lumber. You will need a #4 tapered pin reamer. Levers are optional.  Cambria 34 Stage 1 kits are $275.  Cambria 29 Stage 1 kits are $255.  Cambria 22 nylon and wire Stage 1 kits are $170. each.  Plus shipping/insurance.
Stage 2 kit: A Stage 1, but in addition we furnish you with the lumber parts. The body carcass is assembled. You will need a good supply of clamps. The instructions detail how to make excellent clamps for very low cost. You will need a #4 tapered pin reamer. Levers are optional.  Cambria 34 Stage 2 kits are $940.  Cambria 29 Stage 2 kits are $880.  Plus shipping/insurance.
Stage 3 kit: We supply all lumber, parts, strings, etc. Most of the gluing and assembly is done. You have to sand it, perform final assembly, finish the instrument, and string it up. All you need to complete the Stage 3 kit is sandpaper, a little glue, and finishing materials. Tools required are limited. The manual is very complete even on the finishing process. Levers are optional.  Cambria 34 Stage 3 kits are $1140.  Cambria 29 Stage 3 kits are $1080. Plus shipping/insurance.