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Laurie Nielsen, owner of Markwood Heavenly Strings & Cases, restringing a harp, replacing harp strings with Markwood custom harp stringsMarkwood Heavenly Strings & Kits has specialized in fine quality harp strings for all models of lever, folk, Celtic, therapy, healing, and historical harps since 1992 . Our uniquely designed harp string winding machine stretches the core of our harp strings, as well as the wrap, resulting in tightly wound, high quality harp strings.

We have over 5000 harp string charts on file, and if we don’t have your particular model we will use our computer string program to design a set specifically for you.  We enjoy designing harp strings for the best sound and feel your harp can have, and problem solving for breakage. Whether you would like low tension, medium tension, or high tension, we design harp strings to fit your needs and your harp.

Laurie Nielsen, Proprietor

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“Your harp will sound its best with high quality,

tightly and evenly wound Markwood harp strings.”

This Harp Available as a Harp Kit from Markwood Heavenly Strings & Cases for as low as $230. “There are other harp string makers/sellers, but Laurie is the one I have the most and best experience with. She has a computer program where you send her the list of the harp string lengths, and she inputs it and it spills out the harp string gauges and pitches for a coherent stringing. You can tell her ‘I want it the same range it was to begin with’ or you can tell her to let the program set its own optimum.” ~Jaye in California

“Having talked to Laurie on the occasions of ordering strings I was struck by her remarkable thoughtfulness, especially when talking to someone who was somewhat unsure of what and how to order. Perhaps that is why Markwood Strings have always been recommended to friends and acquaintances who have harps.” ~A Client

“Thanks Laurie! I appreciate how quickly you met my needs and answered my questions. You will ALWAYS get my harp string orders.” ~Patti, Ohio

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