The Cambria Folk Harps Built from Kits 29C & 34C

“A Classic Pair”
The Cambria Folk Harp
29C & 34C
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Cambria Harp Kits & Plans

Experience the Joy of building your own Folk Harp!

Well designed, high quality, solid wood with standard folk harp stringing tension and outstanding manuals.

Building your own harp can give you a sense of satisfaction as well as a quality harp at an affordable price. We offer the Cambria line of Folk Harp Kits & Plans. These are very good quality instruments, suitable for students, teachers, travelers, and those who do not wish to hock the family heirlooms just to get a harp. The Cambria harps are compact and travel well. Tone is superb with excellent volume. The string band is well balanced tonally, with standard pedal harp spacing (except for the Wire string 22, which has standard spacing for a wire string harp).

The Cambria Folk 34C Harp

The Cambria Folk
34C Harp

Cambria Folk 34C

A good concert instrument, with sufficient range for almost any purpose, C-65.4 to A-1760. Our most popular Cambria model. It stands 50″ high. It is solid wood. A spruce soundboard optional. The Cambria harp kit is well designed, with extensive step-by-step fully illustrated instruction manuals. The Stage 1-3 manuals total 72 pages. You end up with an instrument you can be proud of. Since people vary in their level of skill, so do the Cambria Kits. They come in three different levels. Well…four, if you count the plan only. Note that you can buy the manuals separately so you can see which stage is best suited to your skill level.

Stage 1 harp kit: this is the plan, harp hardware, harp strings, and complete instruction manuals. You furnish the lumber. You will need a #3 tapered pin reamer. $309 plus $20 shipping/insurance.  The tapered pin reamer is $25.

Plan and manuals: $65 plus $8 shipping/insurance.

Plan only: This is a full size blueprint of the harp. Detailed instructions are not given, and previous instrument building experience is assumed. $45 plus $8 shipping/insurance. Harp plan and manuals are not returnable. For other models and kits please follow this link to the Cambria Harp Kits & Plans web page.

Mountain Glen Custom One of a Kind Harps

Custom Handcarved Harps by Mountain Glen Harps.

Harp Kits and Custom Harps

In addition to supplying the harp community with the highest quality harp strings and harp cases, we have been building one-of-a-kind custom harps (Mountain Glen Harps LLC), for over thirty years, and harp kits (Cambria Harp Kits & Plans), since 1982. To learn more about our Harp Kits, or our Custom One-Of-A-Kind Harps, please click on the images or links above.

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Harp Hardware Price List

Please note that prices can change without notice.


  Image of Loveland lever from Markwood Harp Strings
Loveland levers
$20.00 eaImage of tapered pin reamer from Markwood Harp StringsTapered pin reamer #3

Image of tapered tuning peg from Markwood Harp StringsTuning peg #4 x 3″
$3 eaImage of soundboard grommets from Markwood Harp StringsSoundboard grommets.10 ea

Image of tuning key with wooden handle from Markwood Strings
Tuning key #4
$25.00Image of leather washer from Markwood Harp StringsLeather Washer .30 ea

Image of brass bridge pins from Markwood Harp Strings
Bridge pins sm, med

$1 ea
Image of threaded bridge pins from Markwood Harp StringsThreaded bridge pin$1 ea


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