Harp Cases

We make high quality  harp cases, for almost all types of lever harps, folk harps, Celtic harps, Irish harps, historical harps, Scottish harps, Welsh harps, wire strung harps, bronze strung harps, nylon strung harps, therapy harps and healing harps, lap harps, Gothic harps, double strung harps, cross strung harps, and historical harps. Whether you own a one-of-a-kind harp, an old one, or a new production model, we can provide you with a harp case, custom made to order.

The case arrived yesterday. The harp fits in it perfectly. I love the color, fabric, and straps. It is very durable, well-constructed, and light weight. You did an excellent job. Thank you. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.


Just a note to say that I am completely thrilled with the 2 soft harp cases built by Markwood Harps recently for my 2 medieval harps. The harp cases were waiting for me when I returned from the holidays. They fit the instruments perfectly, and are extremely handsome and sturdy. It is a joy to carry the harp over my shoulder and not have to lug around the huge flight harp case. Thank you all so much for your excellent work! I will definitely recommend these harp cases to others.


Assistant Professor of Musicology

Just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love my harp case. It’s downright fantastic, my harp fits perfectly into it! I’ll definitely recommend you! In fact, I’m currently working on a website for our Ensemble, and I’ll put a link to your website on it if you don’t mind.

from Switzerland

Soft Harp Cases

Our cases are made with a durable, water-resistant foam laminated to a slick nylon with 1/2″ pad.  The padding is light weight and bump-resistant. The case is fully lined to prevent catching on the pegs.

The zipper is heavy-duty nylon with a special closure to keep the zipper away from the harp.

Our harp cases feature adjustable webbed shoulder straps as well as easy carry handles and a roomy side pocket. When tracing, please mark along the column where the balance point is. The balance point can be found by picking up your harp somewhere near the middle of the column. The straps will be placed there.



Markwood Strings soft harp cases

Please specify color: royal blue, purple, forest green, teal, gray, maroon, black, or tan.

Shipping and insurance in the U.S is $35. Shipping and insurance to Canada is $60-80. Allow 3–4 weeks for delivery.

Tracing instructions:   To custom fit your harp, we need a tracing of the bottom, back and profile of the harp, along with its measurements. Please follow the tracing instructions in the pdf file on the left.


Harp Size Price
Extra Large51 + “
Large39 – 50 “
Medium31 – 38 “
SmallUnder 30 “

Please send payment with your order.

Having talked to Laurie on the occasions of ordering strings I was struck by her remarkable thoughtfulness, especially when talking to someone who was somewhat unsure of what and how to order. Perhaps that is why Markwood Strings have always been recommended to friends and acquaintances who have harps.

A Client

Laurie…The harp case arrived yesterday and it’s beautiful!!! And fits like a glove. Thank you ever so much for your continuing superb work. Now my new harp can safely travel about, and even ride the subway!


Hi Laurie,

I got my harp case a few days ago. The color and size are perfect for my harp. Thank you very much!

Connie in Canada

Laurie…I received the magnificent harp cover today. It’s really excellent worksmanship!!! And beautiful. I can’t wait to show it off this summer at the Historical Harp Conference in July, and recommend your work to everyone.

A Happy Customer

Laurie…I tried the cover on the harp yesterday; and I didn’t want to take it off! Not even to play the harp! My friend commented that you’ve got the science down making perfectly fitting covers, that it’s as if you were next to the harp when you made it. Many Thanks Again. And I’ll recommend your work to everyone at the HHS Conference.

A Happy Customer

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