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Timothy Harps with Markwood Strings

Timothy Harps with Markwood Strings harp strings

Monofilament nylon harp strings

Music quality Tynex strings, available in clear, red, blue, black
.025 .028 .032 .036 – $1. each
.040 .045 – $4. 
.050 .055 – $5.
.060 – $6
(please specify gauge and color)

Monofilament bronze harp strings

.014–.022 $2. each
.025–.040 $4. each
(please specify gauge and vibrating length)

Wound nylon harp strings

If the string is breaking at the bottom it is most likely a burr or rough spot on the eyelet or string hole. This happens usually on older harps. The string will continue to break until this is fixed.

Nylon/nylon harp strings starting at $9. each. Strings are wound to vibrating length plus approx 1″.  Please specify gauge, vibrating length, and color. Measure the vibrating length from the soundboard to the bridge pin, not the tuning peg. Be sure to tell us if it does not have bridge pins.

When we have the correct vibrating length the winding will be over the bridge pin. Only the core will go through the tuning peg hole. It is fine if the wound part goes around the tuning peg, but it will not go through the peg hole.

Metal harp strings

Steel fibre bronze, steel fibre nylon, bronze nylon, bronze fibre nylon, and bronze fibre bronze – starting at $14. each. Please specify gauge, color, and vibrating length. Measure the vibrating length from the soundboard to the bridge pin, not the tuning peg. Strings are wound to vibrating length plus approx 3″. Oversized strings are priced accordingly.

Fibre core harp strings

fibre/bronze, fibre/silver $15. each, over 46″ $17. each

Mailing charges

U.S. single strings $6–8., string sets $14.
 Single strings to Canada $15. String sets to Canada $25.

Cambria Harp with Markwood Strings harp strings

Finest Quality Harp Strings

Since 1992 we have specialized in fine quality harp strings for all models of lever harps. Our uniquely designed string winding machine stretches the core of our harp strings, as well as the wrap, resulting in tightly and evenly wound, high quality harp strings.

We have more than 5000 harp string charts on file. This includes lever harp, folk harp, Celtic harp, Irish harp, historical harp, Scottish harp, Welsh harp, Gothic harp, lap harps, therapy harp and healing harps, wire strung harp, bronze strung harp, nylon strung harp, double strung harp, cross strung harp, and antique pedal harps. If we have your harp in our computer files, you can call, and specify maker, model, and string number. We’ll have the gauges and vibrating lengths on our chart.

If we don’t have your particular harp model we will use our computer string program to design a harp string set specifically for you.

We enjoy designing harp strings for the best sound and feel your harp can have, and problem solving for breakage. Whether you would like low tension, medium tension, high tension we design strings to fit your needs and your folk or lever harp.

Harp strung with Markwood Strings harp strings

Computerized Harp String Design

Computerized Harp String Design is one of the unique services we offer. There are a lot of physics that goes into harp string selection. Many harpmakers and players come to us.

With this service, you tell us the vibrating lengths and the note range of the harp and we input this information into the computer which provides guidelines for designing gauges and materials appropriate for your harp. Using our computerized harp string design program, we design strings that will give you the sound and feel that you desire.

We specialize in harp string problem solving. If you are experiencing excessive string breakage, or feel that some of the strings on your harp are too soft or too taut in tension, we can help. We have experience redesigning strings for harps that have been damaged and repaired. Our experience in designing custom harps with gut, nylon, or bronze strings has taught us a great deal about what type of string material and string tension will sound and feel good on different kinds of harps.

Computerized Harp String Design (click here) $25.

Cross strung harps, pedal harps, and other instruments $30.

Laurie, thanks so much for your help with the strings. It is always a great pleasure working with you. Since I love my Triplett Excelle we will have many more years of working together.

~A Happy Harpist

I ordered a set of strings for my Pakistani Heather harp this past year, and I have been SUPREMELY pleased with them! Now I’d like to know if you might be able to help me re-string a secondhand harp I have.
~A Happy Client

Wonderful service, wonderful strings! It feels like I got a new harp… And thank you so much for your help and kind patience with all my questions.


Harp String Sets


We have over 5000 harp string sets on file. If you don’t see your set here, please email us.   String set prices are by the number of wound strings and type of strings determined by the builder. Prices are subject to change without notice. A note to harp builders: It has always been our policy to not give out your chart string.




Aoyama 140 Aoyama 130 Aoyama 120 Aoyama 100 ArgentFox Blessley Songbird Blevins Encore BlevinsCross strung Bostard Harps Bragg Creek Harps Cambria 34C Cambria29C CaswellGaelic 33 CaswellGaelic 31 CaswellGaelic 30 CaswellLapGael29c-c CaswellLapGael27e-c Clark A Clark B Clark C Cunningham Deiner Dilling Single Action Dorman Dalraida36 Dorman Dalraida 38 Dorman Claddagh DormanRossmore/Glynn Dunham Harps Dusty36 Dusty26 Folkcraft 36 Harlan 30 Heartland Hidden Valley Petite Hidden Valley Leprechaun HummingbirdMerlin29 HummingbirdLupine Lionwood Bridget Lyon&HealyTroubadours Mansur 36 MarkwoodKingCourt5 MarkwoodMinstrel Mikel Harps 34 Mikel Harps 22 MountainGlen36 MusicmakerRegency34/36 MusicmakerStudio-g MusicmakerGothic MusicmakerVoyager PakistanHeather22cc PakistanMeghan Rees Harpsickle Rees Sharpsickle Rees Rick Kemper Robinsons Tara Rydecki 36 Sligo Harps Stanley&StanleyVictoria36 Stanley&Stanley29 StoneyEndEvensong StoneyEndLorraine StoneyEndBraunwen StoneyEnd Marion Thormahlen Swan ThormahlenSerenade/Cygnet Timothy Skye TimothyAedh Timothy Niahm Timothy Llyr Timothy Deirdre Timothy Oisen Timothy Storm King 38 TriplettSignature Triplett Axline30 Triplett Celtic II WaltonBrianBoru28 WebsterCecelia Westover Harps WitcherCeltic32 c WitcherMiniCelt25gc WoldsongShawnaE Woldsong Shawna WoldsongSouthwind WoldsongVictoria38 WoodsongFluerette27 WoodsongFluerette33

Harp String Installation Guide


You may click this link to see our harp string installation guide. As a service to the harp community, we offer a Harp String Installation Guide free to all harpers.

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Just call, or e-mail us using the form below. We accept payment in the form of U.S. checks or PayPal. Please be sure to include your mailing address when contacting us.  Almost all our products are custom-made, making it practically impossible to have a shopping cart. Note that prices can change without notice.

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